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Antenna Delete Cover

For BRZ/86/FRS, various Toyotas (2012+) and possibly a whole lot of other vehicles

A wide array of stick-antennas,  sharkfins of varying aesthetic appeal (or lack thereof) and low-tech sharkfin lookalikes that are essentially plastic covers were readily available. The aftermarket and OEM segments ended up getting flooded with those. A simple blockoff cover, as has been done for numerous cars in the past (including rear window wiper deletes), was not available for some reason.

Considering FM radio can be considered obsolete and dying out soon enough, why keep the antenna there in the first place? Most new cars don't even have such an antenna - or at least placement thereof on the roof - anymore, the GPS is handled via another antenna placed inside the car and the new digital radio receivers are mostly placed on the windshield.

Removing the antenna outright and welding shut the resulting hole, repainting etc. was the only option available to anyone who wanted a clean, stealthy and sleek roof. And that entire process can by no means be considered cost-effective or sensible. It's a huge undertaking reserved for the hardcore enthusiast. And it's a one-way road.

Ironically, the most low-profile option was to just unscrew the early model's antenna from the base and just drive around with the base acting as a plug with some reception remaining.

After waiting for the market to supply a blockoff for 5 years, I lost my patience.

A small-footprint solution that, should you ever notice it at all, would look sleek and high-quality needed to be made. I was aiming for the sweet spot of achieving the cleanest look possible at reasonable cost and downgradeability.

Various prototypes and a series of tests later, I'd developed the Antenna Delete Cover, or ADC as I like to call it.

So what is it?

It's made from a solid milled, highly durable, piece of aluminium.

The overall size is kept to an absolute minimum while retaining protection against the elements at ca. 3x4cm.

Thickness is kept to an absolute minimum, at about 2mm, without sacrificing durability.

In order to reduce the visual footprint even more while retaining rigidity, the surface edges are gracefully curved all around.

With an overall weight of less than 10g unpainted, it's safe to say that this is the lightest solution out there.

The surface comes anodized as standard, offering long-term protection to the interior side as well as a slight primer for the outside (Cover should be painted to match the car in question. Due to the small size, adequate results have been achieved even with commercially available spray cans)

The mounting mechanism is similar to the early model BRZ/86/FR-S and requires the OEM mounting nut of these models (For users of other models, that nut whose p/n can be found in the install guide may have to be purchased additionally.).

The visual result is a much cleaner, sleeker and uninterrupted roofline. From about 2 meters or more away, the cover can only be noticed with effort. Close-up, its raindrop shape fits in with the design features of the roof and creates a far more visually pleasing result than any block-off plate I've ever seen. 

The cover fits almost any car with the appropriately sized standard roof cutout. Other versions are available upon request and can be adapted to other vehicles.

It fits all models GT86/BRZ/86/FR-S, certain models of Yaris and various others.

For those wishing to retain the antenna functionality, I offer antennas for placement inside the car and the required adapters to fit both OEM and most aftermarket head units.

Below a tiny gallery of installed covers.

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