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Antenna Delete Cover Installation

You have the choice between a video and a written guide. 
Or both. Or none (not recommended).

Video Guide

General Information

This guide is a suggestion on how to install a/m antenna delete cover.
While it is perfectly feasible alone, I strongly recommend relying on the help of a second person.
As such, the modification can be done even by someone with very little experience in under 10 minutes.

While the cover comes anodized by default, this surface treatment is meant as temporary surface protection. The cover should be painted before installation.

I am not liable in case something goes wrong or gets damaged.


- Antenna Delete Cover Set
- GT86/BRZ OEM (“RC Antenna”) nut ( Subaru: 86337FJ000 Toyota: SU003-02662)
Other antennas have different, incompatible nuts as far as I know. This nut is available from a dealer for a few bucks or used.
- Size 22 mm wrench
- Optional: Wrench for incopatible nut sizes
- A flat-tipped wedge. I use a plastic one from a kit specifically designed for cars.
-possibly a long, thin tong

(if you have done multiple installs ofthe Cover and the Gasket is worn, you may want too try using silicone. I have not needed to do this when the Cover was new)


These four things will have to be installed:
-  Antenna nut (not included, see info above)
- Antenna Delete Cover
- Gasket
- Foam (it's not just for packaging)


Install Preparations

Prepare the antenna i.e. by painting it before install and applying the gasket. In my opinion the thin gasket works best but please be very careful, it needs to be installed very gently.
Get in the back seat, sit on the center tunnel.
At the rear edge of the roof lining, just before the rear window starts, there are three round plastic brackets fixing that part of the roof lining to the roof. Those will have to go.


Take a wedge and slide it between roof lining and the plastic cover but watch out, the plastic rivet is made up of two parts.
You want to slide your wedge under the dark grey optical piece only, not the underlying white piece as this facilitates removal. Remove all three rivets and, preferably, carefully seperate the grey from the white halves for later reinstall.
It’s helpful having someone in the car with you to pull down the roof lining so there’s always sufficient space to get in there. That’s not strictly necessary, int might however help reduce the amount of stress on the roof lining.
Disconnect the Antenna cable first.
The Antenna is being held in place by a nut which now has to be loosened. Once the nut is gone there will likely be some additional, sprung safety clips. Those will have to be pushed together (try the long, thin tong in case it doesn’t work manually) while the antenna is being pushed out or, ideally, gently pulled by the helper.


Cover Install

You may now cushion the part of the antenna cable left above the lining so it won’t rattle later. Using the padding from the box is both economical and convenient.

Before you take any further action to install the cover, please try the nut on the thread first. The nut should go on smoothly and only become firm when the teeth on the “washer” bite into the roof.
All threads were tested prior to anodization, but should you feel that the nut is going on a little too strong please make sure you did not cross-thread and apply a drop of Ballistol/Oil/WD40 onto the threads of the nut if required (very unlikely)

The cover install procedure is pretty much the same. Here's a picture of how mine lay on the hole without fastening.

If you’ve got a helper let him gently hold the antenna in place from outside so you can fix the nut. This method is highly recommended.


Alternatively, you can thread the nut on just enough that everything is nice and loose and, before any real tightening occurs, wiggle the nut/Cover to check if it's still settled properly in the rectangular cutout. 
Fix it in that position while slightly pulling the nut down while you hand-tighten. 

Once hand-tightening is done, give the nut a little wedge with thewrench. You'll remember how little force is actually required from loosing the previously installed one.

Give the cover a proper outside check to make sure you didn’t tighten the nut too little or too much. Mine looked like this after I'd fixed it firmly but gently.

When reinstalling the plastic rivets push the white sub-rivets into the roof lining and through the hole in the metal and only then push the dark grey part back into place. Repeat, done.

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