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Audi Multimedia Dock

Just helping a friend


A friend bought a new used car and choose Audi.
Immediately, he ran into trouble.
The outdated Entertainment system was not very connectable by modern standards.

He wanted a sort of multimedia dock with the following:

- 12V outlet
- USB for charging
- USB for Radio
- Aux for Radio
- Phone holder
- Cable/key/coin tray
- Lighting (that suggestion came from me)

The position in the center console was perfect as there were already some wire tunnels/guides from an obsolete cell phone dock to utilize.
So I got to work. The tricky bit when designing things into preexisting structures is fitment, especially when someone wants that many features included into such an narrow space. An interesting challenge. Pictured is the second prototype.

Since this piece was meant to be a rather permanent fixture (the armrest being a pain to remove and install), the phone holder was going to be modular and only lightly fixed using low-visibility clips.


This is the finished product. 
As I left the country before it was done completely, I did not get a chance to see this for myself.
The phone holder would do with some better printing quality or at least some sanding, but all is working perfectly.

The little teeth on the inside of the holder make sure the phone always lies level and can't slide about.
When the armrest is closed, the phone has absolutely no way to get away.
All cables fit neatly and all functions are available while there's a maximum storage area available .

Unfortunately I don't have pictures with the lighting on but apparently, red LEDs were chosen.
I think I've seen worse from OEMs.

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