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About Me

How much or how little to say...

This section is probably the least important one of them all. 

Well, I was born, like many others, in 1988 in Germany.

I've disassembled my first consumer item at the age of about 4-5, without any hope of ever putting it back together. And that was the point! As old goods in my mother's department store got scrapped annually, they figured that they could just let me play with some of them and get the same result. They were right. But whereas others may have taken the hammer-approach to that, I liked the careful screwdriver method better. Telephones (the old ones with the rotating dials), calculators and watches are my earliest memories of this kind of "playing", and they sure wouldn't be the last.

Growing up in that particular region at that particular time, where an entire system came to an end and had to be replaced while catapulting everything 40 years into the future, sure was unique. Naturally, I couldn't even hope to begin to understand any of that back then. What I did understand and what I think left its mark was the rapid change and the flexibility one had to have in order to keep up with the times.  

In the recent decades I like to think that I've come a long way. One of my key philosophies is to always keep evolving and acquiring new skills. Learning, in my opinion, never ends. Thus, I try to keep an open mind and try to view things from all possible angles. One should always keep an open mind.

I very much enjoy getting my hands dirty; doing manual work myself when time or the skill required allows it. Unfortunately, with both the projects outlined on this website (which is, of course, not all) and my actual job, there's less and less opportunity for that. 

Speaking of which, my day job started with project coordination, went on to valve solution drafting including technical training and expert advice for overseas sales staff to laser machine solution design and calculation before culminating in moving to China to set up and run a new company - a branch of a German electronic components trading company. This keeps me sufficiently busy, as well.

So, most of the skills I need for my job transfer over to my projects while project-related experience is directly applicable to my day job. R&D, design, engineering, manufacturer buildup, QC, supply chain, administration, accounting, financial... It's not that different. And it's not always easy, some things I prefer over others.

But I believe in the things I do, so I enjoy every bit of it. And that's what matters the most to me. Making others' lives better in the process of doing what I love has, for a couple of years now, become an added passion as well.

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