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Welcome to my website.

What's it about?
A love of technology. And of wanting to make something good.

It started pretty basic and at a very young age.
Taking a look at various things in daily life, I noticed that small improvements could make a huge difference. It was fun trying to come up with improvements.

Over time, other people were just as excited about my solutions so, of course, I did all I could to help.
That started with guides - a select few of which I've migrated to this website - and technical sketches for DIY.
With growing experience, my ideas turned in to complete and often serially manufactured products that are constantly expanding.

What makes these solutions special?
A lot of thought and care goes into every single detail.
Simple, easy use is combined with a high degree of multifunctionality and safety.
The final package should be sleek-looking, timelessly unassuming and blend in with its surroundings.

The best product is one that's not on anyone's mind while always being an absolutely reliable part of daily life.
To some, that's exactly what they're looking for.

What are those solutions? Anything, really.
Wherever I can make improvements, I do.
Computing, cars, furniture, household, business...
My ideas go everywhere technology has a place - which is everywhere.

From my very own viewpoint as both creator and end user (usually of the prototype, no less) I can say: It's good.

I wish I could finally learn how to take better pictures, though.

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