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Zenkou Mod

Is what I decided to call it
It's supposed to mean a mix of Zenki and Kouki, the Japanese words for Facelift and pre-facelift.

Install is pretty self explanatory so I'll just mention the parts required and give some pointers as to the particularities of each option.

The front ends of all available Toyobaru models can be completely interchanged but more than just the bumper is required.

Below, I'll give you an overview of the basic idea behind interchangeability, some specific things you need to watch out for when doing this mod and then the parts list as far as I have it.

Also, since most will be interested in the Facelift bumpers I did not include the Preface part lists.

As usual I'm not liable if anything gets broken or goes wrong or is not road law compliant in your country.

The basics

The bumper mounting points are identical for 
BRZ Preface - BRZ Facelift - GT86 Preface(=FRS) - GT86 Facelift,
meaning there are 16 different front end conversions you can do if you count front bumper only.
However, as the headlights (and fender garnishes) are also different the possible combinations go up even more. This takes too much time to get into and is up to the user.
Why the interchangeability?
Economics teaches us that a Facelift usually serves the purpose of keeping product sales up or increasing them, effectively extending the product life via purely cosmetic means.
That's a good way to make more money off the old product before introducing a new one.
So basically, making the parts not interchangeable would defeat the entire purpose of the production, which is laid out to be as modular as possible to keep costs low. Especially with a joint Subaru+Toyota project, this is paramount.
But a manufacturer isn't stupid. They know people will try to swap parts around and over. It's been done before. A lot.
Take the famous Nissan Sil80 or 96-01 Civic.
So they try to make things a little harder by purposely changing some details between models to make the switch harder. They want people to buy the entire facelifted product, not just buy the changed components and bolt them on easily.
For example, the '88-'91 Civic/CRX were so similar that Honda swiftly changed the mountings of the seat just so people couldn't drop the more desirable CRX seats into their cheap Civics.
I'm sure you've noticed that I'm not only talking about
Preface-Facelift changes anymore.
But this is an important primer.

What to look out for

When doing this for yourself, please keep in mind some peculiarities:

-the GT86/FR-S Preface has its blinkers in the bumper. This is not the case with ANY of the available swapping options.
(You may want to swap out the headlights or find another solution to stay road law compliant)

 -The BRZ preface has its daytime running lights (DRL) in the bumper. While this is may not be as serious a road law issue, it's worth being noted that other solutions must be found.
(For example, Aftermarket DRLs are available for the BRZ Facelift bumper.
Alternately, using the Preface BRZ headlights and wiring the parking lights as DRLs is a popular modification.)


The headlight washer nozzle

If you have one of the car's versions with headlight washers (i.e.European models) then you will have this issue.

On the left is the Preface adapter (white) and on the right you can see the Facelift Version (black).


The tiny geometric changes to the plug are far more of a problem than the obvious 90 degree angle change. The nozzles will leak heavily when transplanted to another hydraulic system.

So how to solve this? As I didn't want to spend much time on it I modified the counterpart to the nozzle to fit. 
With a power drill and dremel this is quite easy to do. 
Or if you're lucky you may be able to buy a used pair from a wrecked car, then just press the connectors into the old hose. 

I discourage the purchase of the entire hydraulic assembly.
However, there seems to be a ~80€ solution I have fond for the Toyota version, I'm trying to find out if this works for Subaru, too.

BRZ Facelift part numbers

(prices are indicative and may vary)

57702CA270 Bumper - 276€
57731CA440 Front Grille - 38€
57707CA191 Holder bumper L - 21€
57707CA181 Holder Bumper R - 21€ 

57731CA350 Side Cover A Front L (w/fog lamp cutout, alternatives are available) - 14€
57731CA360 Side Cover A Front R (w/fog lamp cutout, alternatives are available) - 14€
57731CA470 Side Cover B Bumper Left (alternatives or DRL are available)- 14€
57731CA460 Side Cover B Bumper Right (alternatives or DRL are available) - 14€

+Daytime Running Light Solution

For models with Headlight Cleaning systems:
86636CA351 Headlight Cleaner Nozzle - 72€
86636CA341 Headlight Cleaner Nozzle - 72 €
86636CA320EN Headlight Cleaner Nozzle Cover (Caution, various colors available) - 32€
86636CA330EN Headlight Cleaner Nozzle Cover (Caution, various colors available) - 32€

2x [Adaptation from Wash Nozzle to washing hose. I made a fitting but there may be a solution, see below]

GT86 Facelift part numbers

Essentially you require the same parts as for the BRZ.

(prices are indicitative and may vary)

SU003-06826 Bumper - ~ 550€
SU003-06844 Front Grille - ~50€
SU003-07495 Holder Bumper L - 30€
SU003-07494 Holder Bumper R - 30€

SU003-06844 Side Cover Front L (w/fog lamp cutout, alternatives are available) - 15€
SU003-06843 Side Cover Front R (w/fog lamp cutout, alternatives are available)

+A Solution for the Front Blinkers

For models with Headlight Cleaning systems:
SU003-06646 Headlight Cleaner Nozzle L - 72€
SU003-06645 Headlight Cleaner Nozzle R - 72 €
SU003-06644 Headlight Cleaner Nozzle Cover (Caution, various colors available) - ~45€
SU003-06637 Headlight Cleaner Nozzle Cover (Caution, various colors available) - ~45€

SU003-06647 Headlight Cleaner Hose Assy (I found this recently, it may actually solve the problem with the washer nozzle fitment) - 80€

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